Planned Giving

It’s really never too early – or too late – to do retirement planning.

Whatever your circumstances, be sure to consult professionals with expertise in areas such as:

  • investments
  • taxes
  • budgeting and cash management
  • various types of insurance
  • estate planning 
  • medical, social, and other services geared toward older persons

As you plan for retirement and what your cash flow will look like, you may want to consider ways you can support Humboldt State University that result in income for you during your retirement years.  Especially if you are precluded from making additional contributions to an IRA or a qualified retirement plan, a charitable life income plan can supplement existing arrangements.  Here are some of your choices: 

  • A charitable gift annuity makes favorably-taxed payments to you (or to you and your spouse) for life, plus you receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction, providing tax savings if you itemize. If you’re still working, you can defer the start of the payments, whereas if you are retired, you’ll likely want the payments to begin immediately. These deferred charitable gift annuities can be used to create a deferred charitable retirement account.
  • A charitable remainder trust is similar to a gift annuity in some respects, since both can provide income for life, but offers greater flexibility. This can be very appealing if you don’t need additional income now but would like to secure a source of payments in retirement, and also provides an immediate income tax charitable deduction.
  • You can deed a personal residence – including a vacation home – to Humboldt subject to a retained life estate. This arrangement enables you (or you and your spouse) to continue living in your home or using your property as long as you wish. The older you are, the larger the immediate income tax charitable deduction you receive.
  • If you are age 70½ or older, you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), also known as a charitable IRA rollover, to Humboldt directly from your traditional or Roth IRA of up to $100,000 per year, and the gift will not be counted in your income. Once you are 72 or older a QCD will satisfy your annual minimum required distribution and permit a tax-free gift of up to $100,000 to Humboldt. Separately, drawing on assets in an IRA or a qualified retirement plan to make current gifts to Humboldt can sometimes make sense for anyone over age 59½, although careful planning is required. 

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